I started building a V-plotter in my shed a while ago, as a way of exploring photographic images.

A V-plotter is basically a pen suspended by string from two pulleys (forming the ‘V’ shape), and controlled by motors that move the pen across the paper. The whole thing is attached to a drawing board. The motors are controlled by software that, in several stages, converts a photograph into a series of squiggly lines.

The plotter in action
The plotter in action

The plots on this website are all derived from photographs that I have taken myself. The hardware and software are also my own, although inspired and guided by many others who have done similar things.

The plotted images are on smooth, thick Bristol board, using permanent black drawing ink or coloured ‘fineliner’ pens.

This website displays photographs of the plots.

They are all available for sale: please contact me on chris@plottingshed.art if you are interested.

I will also happily accept commissions: I can create plots from your own photographs of people, pets, or anything else.
Contact me for details.

Chris Dennis, Hampshire, UK.